My mother grew up sitting by my Popo’s (grandmother) feet, as Popo tailormade qipaos for wealthy women in 1960s Singapore. While Popo hand cut and sewed luxurious fabrics into traditional cheongsams and samfus (blouse and pants sets), my mother collected the fabric scraps to turn into miniature dresses for her dolls. My mother learned how to choose fabrics, draw up and cut out panels of fabrics, and sew them into finished pieces by watching my Popo work over the years. 

The 1960s collection pays homage to the lineage of brilliant, creative and powerful women who’ve kept the tradition of making cheongsams. Featuring vintage cuts with buttons on the shoulders, high collars and vintage fabrics. Inspired by the simple shapes and vibrant prints that were fashionable in my Popo’s time. 

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