About Us

In the heart of Singapore, a legacy of craftsmanship and creativity has been carefully woven through the hands of strong and brilliant women in one family. It all began in the 1960s when my mother, inspired by her talented mother, our Popo (grandmother), started her journey into the world of cheongsam tailoring.


As a young girl, my mother sat mesmerized by Popo's nimble fingers as she meticulously transformed luxurious fabrics into traditional qipaos. Popo, a skilled tailor in 1950s and 60s Singapore, was sought after by wealthy women for her bespoke creations. While Popo crafted the grandeur for the elite, my mother, with a child's imagination, repurposed fabric scraps into miniature dresses for her dolls. Little did she know, this childhood pastime would grow into something extraordinary.

In 2004, my mother, fueled by a deep respect for her roots, launched Cloth.ier – a cheongsam boutique that not only offered exquisite pieces but also paid homage to the lineage of powerful women who preceded her. 

2024 marks the 20th anniversary of Cloth.ier, our latest collection stands as a testament to the enduring thread of tradition that has passed through generations. This year's collection celebrates the Chinese knots, which are traditionally woven with a single length of silk cord, symbolizing the unbroken continuity of our cheongsam legacy.

The Chinese knots, featured prominently in our designs, embody the creativity and traditions passed down from my grandmother to my mother and now to us. Each knot is a representation of the interconnected stories, skills, and artistry that have transcended time and generations.

Cloth.ier continues to weave the threads of tradition into modern elegance. Experience the beauty of our heritage in our latest collection, where every stitch tells a story and each design pays tribute to the remarkable women who have shaped the legacy of Cloth.ier over the past two decades.

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