Lilac Bareback Qipao (Pre-order)
Lilac Bareback Qipao (Pre-order)

Lilac Bareback Qipao (Pre-order)

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Style No: 8461-MDTWLL

This featured 3/4 length Bareback qipao in luxurious tweed is an exquisite choice for formal events which call for a little glamour. This design promotes the elegance and comfort of the wearer, and the pearl bead buttons add a touch of classic nostalgia in modern times.

Bareback Qipao with Pearl Beads
Fully-Lined with 100% Cotton, Center-Back Zip
Colour: Lilac

Size = Length, Bust, Waist, Hip, Hemline
XS   = 95cm, 39cm, 33cm, 43.5cm, 35cm
S     = 96cm, 41.5cm, 35.5cm, 46cm, 37.5cm
M    = 97cm, 44cm, 38cm, 48.5cm, 40cm
L     = 98cm, 46.5cm, 40.5cm, 52cm, 42.5cm
XL   = 99cm, 49cm, 43cm, 54.5cm, 45cm

Waiting time : 4 weeks

Material and Washing Instructions
Dry-Clean Recommended

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